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Our time is full of change caused by the digital transformation, globalised markets, increased customer expectations and much more. Each of your departments is feeling this upheaval. And each of them feels it a little differently. newboxes is at home along the entire life cycle of products and solutions, from research & development to after-sales.

Full speed ahead towards the future.

In the middle

Your corporate ecosystem is a unique web of interconnected actors and processes. newboxes takes the time to immerse itself in this complex structure. We know the pains and needs and dive deep into your specific topics while keeping the big picture in mind. This results in targeted measures, effective products, and processes that will enable your teams to work more efficiently and effectively from day one.


Research & Development

The R&D department is the driving force for the future, because this is where technologies and innovations are translated into new products. At the same time, development projects are becoming increasingly complex. On the one hand, several technologies often have to be advanced simultaneously, while on the other, more and more sub-disciplines are involved in the process. That doesn't make development any easier and certainly not faster. Nevertheless, speed is a critical factor, especially as technological development cycles are constantly shortening. newboxes supports you in mastering the balancing act between size and agility. We implement ways of working that make your process faster, more networked and more efficient.

Here's an excerpt of our services:
Master project complexity

  • Set up agile project teams that work iteratively and result-oriented on products and solutions
  • Transparency and reduction of development costs
Set up development organisations for the future

  • Customer-oriented and technology-oriented alignment of your organisation – for more innovative strength
  • Clear definition of responsibilities – for more efficient use of time and personnel
Increase efficiency in the product development process

  • A more flexible product development process that enables speed, quality and low friction interaction between all domains
  • Optimisation of interfaces and embedding in the system-of-systems world
Define and control product costs

  • Identification of the causes for excessive product costs along the product development process, definition of effective countermeasures
  • Ensure cost reduction through implementation of appropriate process standards and methods, such as reference costing, target costing, value analyses and production-oriented design
Reduce product complexity

  • Development of modular and scalable product kits and lines that enable reusability of development results
  • Reduction in the number of variants and concentration on relevant variants across all system levels
Systematically manage product compliance

  • Certainty in meeting all regulatory and ongoing requirements in product development
  • Greater efficiency and process reliability over the entire life cycle of a product



The smooth interaction of all operational processes is a critical aspect in the competitiveness of a company. This includes production, logistics, purchasing and quality management. The situation is similar to that in the R&D departments: more and more players are involved in the supply chain; processes and innovation cycles are moving faster and faster, and yet all specifications, which can also change at any time, must be meticulously adhered to. It's not an easy task, because even a small error can have a major impact on all the sub-steps downstream. Here, digitalisation offers many opportunities for establishing process reliability and realising improvements in efficiency.

Here's an excerpt of our services:
Ensure quality and reduce costs

  • Increase in process performance and operational efficiency across all sub-steps of the value chain
Control product ramp-up

  • For a smooth start of your production: Recording and coordination of suppliers, responsibilities, budget planning, quality control, logistics, IT and more
  • Dovetailing of ramp-up management with the development department and supplier management
Digitalise production

  • We make your production fit for the digital world, analyse data along the value chain and help to increase the degree of automation.
Optimise the global value chain

  • Optimise costs and delivery routes by shifting suppliers or production sites abroad
  • Adapt the organisation, processes and interfaces to the new framework condition


Service &
After Sales

For a long time, after-sales wasn’t considered to be very profitable. However, in times of intense competition, margins on sales are shrinking. Service increasingly makes the difference, becoming the tipping point in the decision-making process of your customers. That means that you also need to offer extras beyond the standard services in order to convince. Here, easily accessible, digitally processed data play an important role. Some companies are faced with the task of digitising their analogue processes for the first time. Others already rely on digital solutions, but don't yet systematically evaluate the available information. In both cases, a lot of potential falls by the wayside. newboxes helps you optimise processes, manage Big Data more intelligently and systematically use the knowledge about your customers for your success.

Here's an excerpt of our services:
Align service portfolios

  • Develop digital products and services in order to commercialise them as services
  • Define customer-specific contract forms (Service Level Agreements) for classic services
  • Creation of spare parts kits, develop training courses and trainings
Digitalise after-sales service

  • Simplification of workflows, standardisation of data sets, conduct analyses
  • Predictive Maintenance: reduce risks of failure to a minimum through self-learning systems
Increase performance of customer interface management

  • Implement advanced knowledge management tools to access and share expert knowledge with customers in real time
  • Control of performance through strict monitoring of key performance indicators
Accelerate repair management

  • Standardised repair processes tailored to customer needs (end-to-end repair)
  • Optimisation of repair services: reduced lead time
Optimise spare parts supply

  • Digitisation of documentation and spare parts management, establishment of ticket systems, digitisation of media and processes
  • Tracking and optimising spare parts supply – for a sustainable spares strategy
Optimise warranty management

  • Minimise existing after-sales service incidents
  • Optimise troubleshooting costs



Digital technologies, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), all this is no longer new territory. Successful companies are well aware that ‘without’ is no longer an option – and they align their processes accordingly. But that's just one aspect. For your digitalisation strategy to work, a solid IT backbone is essential. Business processes must be digitalised and data and information exchange between departments must function smoothly.  The security of your systems and data is always at the forefront. newboxes supports you with this mammoth task. We translate your vision into requirements and support you in the design and deployment of your solutions.

Here's an excerpt of our services:
Manage IT projects and rollouts

  • Comprehensive project management and control of rollouts, taking into account all interfaces
  • Reduction of the complexity of IT systems and applications based on them
  • Empowerment and qualification of the employees concerned
Implement IT support processes

  • Ensure permanent availability by designing appropriate support models
Digitalise business models

  • Accompany business, design and technology in the definition and realisation of digital products throughout the entire life cycle
  • Individual application development (web, mobile, desktop applications)
Install business dashboards

  • Establish navigation tools for efficient corporate management – with the aim of systematically improving your corporate performance

    Results: ensuring project success and systematic improvement of business performance

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