Anchor cybersecurity in projects, processes and employees.

Digital business models and technologies such as Big Data, AI, IoT or Cloud Computing are on the rise. Digital forms of work are also becoming more and more prevalent. As a result, data is becoming a fundamental component of value creation and an accelerator of digital transformation. But the increasing complexity of your IT landscape also makes you more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Organisations are often still negligent and not prepared for dealing with digital threats. They massively underestimate the risk of becoming a victim of data theft or manipulation.

This is precisely why it is so important that new IT security strategies are developed and effective measures are taken. But which? Companies often ask themselves the following questions:

  • which of our assets are the 'crown jewels'?
  • what is the current threat situation for our assets?
  • which cyber risks currently pose the greatest threat to us?
  • is our organisation and process map robust enough to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents?
  • how much annual spending on cybersecurity measures makes sense? How do I manage them in a targeted manner?
  • are my employees sufficiently empowered to implement cybersecurity?
  • are our deployed technologies effective enough for cybersecurity? And have we got the right partners on board?
  • how can we develop a comprehensive cybersecurity program that aligns with security policies and standards as well as our risk-management strategy?
  • how do new regulatory requirements impact us and what does it take in terms of time, effort and tools to be compliant and strengthen our cybersecurity program?

Many companies already rely on the services of cybersecurity experts – or they align their activities with industry standards or use individual technology solutions. But isolated solutions alone are not enough.

Our approach

An appropriate level of cybersecurity maturity requires the development and enhancement of strategic capabilities to an appropriate level of maturity in organisation, governance, processes, and technology. And not individually, but equally. Reaching such a high level takes companies months or even years of effort.

To achieve this level, we work with you to anchor cybersecurity in your projects, processes and with your employees throughout your entire organisation. With our holistic approach, we accompany you organisationally and technologically, from the conception of a security strategy to its implementation in resilient organisational structures. Together with you, we always derive your cybersecurity strategy from your business and risk strategy.

After identifying your crown jewels and strategic cybersecurity risks, we analyse your current situation, resources, and information & cybersecurity expertise. From the jointly defined target picture, we identify the measures to be implemented and draw up a transformation plan.

Our project managers support you in implementing these measures effectively in cybersecurity programs and projects along the roadmap. We take on project management, individual operational project activities and/or the management of internal or external partners.

Cybersecurity experts, consultants and process managers from our global network also advise you with in-depth technical expertise and industry and functional know-how. They indicate which technologies are suitable for you, accompany the development of the security architecture and the establishment of management systems (CSMS and ISMS). In order to permanently maintain security, even during ongoing business, we create the necessary security awareness for you and your teams.

If you have already been the victim of a cyberattack, we will support you with appropriate immediate measures and crisis and continuity management.

Develop your cybersecurity strategy with us and implement it sustainably in line with your corporate goals.

As a partner for your cyber transformation, we create long-term security and prepare you for the unexpected!

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