Project Excellence

Make your projects a success – structured, transparently, efficiently.

Each company operates in its own unique PM ecosystem – influenced by its employees, culture, working methods, processes and tools. The newboxes Project Excellence approach balances all elements individually and leads your projects and programs, and thereby your organisation, to success.

On almost every project, you'll face some of the following challenges:

Our approach

newboxes Project Excellence relies on strong collaboration and competence development on the part of your employees for successful project management. Always individually aligned and methodically balanced to your company's PM ecosystem.

Our certified project managers are also at your disposal to ensure successful operational implementation of your projects.

  • Scoping your project proposal including establishment of lean project and program organisations with necessary communication and decision-making structures
  • Writing up and following up on change management and communication measures geared to the respective stakeholders
  • Creation, synchronisation and monitoring of transparent schedules and release plans
  • Central coordination of key resources as well as budgeting and effective control of the financial situation
  • Systematic identification, evaluation and consolidation of risks as well as deriving and tracking suitable measures
  • Consistent issue management through situation-appropriate involvement in the solution-finding process
  • Ensuring and evaluating quality and product maturity using selected methods, processes and key data
  • Continuous review of project results in relation to the achievement of program objectives versus the business case

Make your projects a success with us – structured, transparently and efficiently!

  • Relieve the operational burden on your project members by making use of our experienced and certified project managers for your projects!
  • Get full transparency about the progress of your project and the maturity of your product in every project phase with our intelligent reporting!
  • Bring your project management to best practice level with team and executive coaching!
  • Get a picture of the status quo with our Project Health Checks to set the starting point for performance improvement or project recovery.
  • Write your PM playbook for your future PM ecosystem and roll it out across your organisation!

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Get in touch with us to find out how Project Excellence can work to your advantage! The newboxes team will develop a custom-fit solution for you that will help you unleash new potential.

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