Business Process Management

With newboxes to process excellence.

The increasing complexity of products, ever-changing customer demands, and growing uncertainty of our digital age all impact your company's processes and workflows. This creates a dynamic that requires continuous evaluation and optimisation of the processes.

Typically, you face multi-faceted challenges. These include:

Our approach

Our Business Process Management (BPM) helps you master the volatile, uncertain, complex future; significantly reduce costs and error rates; and accelerate your lead times.

We follow our proven systematic, iterative approach to designing, documenting, implementing, managing and improving business processes. We address your issues, from the strategic alignment of your organisation to the operational implementation of workflows.

1. Strategic process alignment

  • We analyse the maturity of your business process management, define with you a tailor-made overarching strategy and target picture. We develop a BPM approach tailored to your requirements and needs.
  • To ensure that your target vision is not only successful on paper, we work with you to develop a tailor-made implementation roadmap, derived from the strategic and operational goals.

2. BPM framework

  • Through the conception of a BPM organisation, communication and information, as well as a role model, we provide the organisational framework.
  • We provide you with the right BPM standards, methods and tools for the efficient analysis, definition and documentation of your processes. If required, we can also assist you with the selection and implementation of BPM software tools.

3. Process analysis

  • In cooperation with your process participants, we record and analyse (e.g. by means of SWOT analysis) the current situation of your process landscape with regard to time, costs and quality, define focus areas and record requirements for the target process.

4. Process design

  • Based on well-founded analyses, we consistently eliminate activities that don't add value. And we design, model and document your target processes with a focus on continuous improvement of process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • For continuous transparency along the process chain, we define all activities, scopes, methods, IT systems, workflows, roles and responsibilities in full.
  • By defining suitable control mechanisms and KPIs, we ensure continuous control of your process performance.

5. Process implementation

  • After acceptance of the modelling, we embed the defined target processes into the existing process world.
  • We enable your organisation with regard to process transformation by means of demand-oriented training and coaching of all necessary process participants.

6. Process control & improvement

  • By establishing a KPI-based process control, you can measure your process performance at any time.
  • For a sustained high level of process maturity, we conduct process reviews and, if necessary, derive targeted optimisation measures.

newboxes doesn't deliver a patchwork of solutions – a bit of digitalisation here, a bit of process optimisation there. Our approach is systematic and end to end. With proven methods and a strong bottom-up focus on operational feasibility, we aim for a successful BPM system and towards a process-oriented organisation. Through the data-driven mapping of your processes, workflows and IT systems, we also create the basis for the digitalisation and automation of your business processes.

You, too, can drive your company towards process excellence with us.

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