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Our world is in the midst of a new industrial revolution. Following digital industrialisation, which gave birth to a completely new branch of technology, industry and work sector, we are now witnessing the consolidation of the 'old' and 'new' industries. newboxes supports and accelerates this ubiquitous digitalisation of today's industrial information systems.

We help you address the challenges that come with such disruptive change. In everyday processes and in strategic projects, we combine the best of the 'old' and the 'new' industries to find the solution that fully meets your needs. As a result, you'll be fit for Transformation 4.0, 5.0 – and whatever other upheavals await us in the digitalised future.

Interaction instead of isolated solutions.

The enterprise software map is primarily split into silos and data flows. A lack of software acceptance and an excess of individual solutions hinders the formation of process synergies that efficient tools bring with them. That's why newboxes relies on user-driven, tailor-made solutions rather than standard software that adheres to a pattern to lead your organisation to success.

When we introduce your new solutions, we always keep the following in mind:

  • user attitudes ranging from sceptical to rejection towards new systems and processes
  • critical interfaces to third-party systems and integration into the ecosystem
  • unclear requirements for software, as user stories and tech stories drift apart
  • in time, in scope and within budget are considered an insurmountable trio of hurdles

Software solutions from newboxes overcome these limitations with a holistic view of your systems. Our experienced full-stack IT managers are practice-oriented and spend lot of time diving deeply into your requirements. Whether development, management or operations – our experts are at home in the entire value chain of your company and know where to start.

Hands-on and nevertheless thought out.

The digital transformation is a challenge for every industry and, above all, for every user. After all, people are the drivers of every innovation. The investment in new software is only worthwhile if your users go along with it.

At newboxes we manage the entire process from requirements engineering, wireframes and prototypes to the implementation and rollout of the new software.

We don't use agile methodologies for the sake of it; we check to see if they really support your goals:

  • Rapid visibility -> prototyping and MVP
  • Unclear requirements -> agile iterations
  • Many interfaces -> systems analysis and modelling
  • Decision driven -> KPI-based data visualization

To achieve this, we take a holistic view of your challenge:

  • what are the requirements, from all sides? (bottom up / top down)
  • is it a closed system or does it interact with others? (system analysis)
  • what are the existing conditions? (technologically agnostic)

The most challenging aspect of today's disruptive technologies for industry is incorporating digital solutions into every step, from product development to after-sales. Time-to-market is becoming a less valuable KPI; rather, lifetime value as perpetual service is the new key driver.

Which is why, technologically, we use an agnostic lightweight structure of focussed services and cloud-native resources to handle all necessary processes and interfaces. Whether AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premises, our solutions are containerised and ready to use!

Our experts create desktop, mobile, web apps and progressive hybrids. The rollout to individual systems, servers or the management of entire data centres is our core competence, because we are full-stack developers from requirements to DevOps. Whether Java, PHP, Go, JavaScript or .net. Whether React, Laravel, Flutter or Wordpress, Joomla, MediaWiki; newboxes acts comprehensively and is focussed on the solution without limiting itself in terms of technology.

Our solutions are based on seminal technologies that grow with your needs and enable future success:

  • customised software solutions improved through user-driven KPIs (Data Analysis)
  • scalable through serverless architectures (Scalable)
  • connected to the required hardware (IoT)
  • self-learning through heuristic models and neural networks (AI)

Connect the virtual and physical worlds of work and create a shared ecosystem.

  • Bring your technology base to best practice level using scalable and self-learning systems
  • Relieve your project members of the burden of relying on customised software solutions
  • Get full transparency about the progress of your projects and the maturity of your products in every project phase with our intelligent reporting.

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