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The success of a company increasingly depends on how quickly software can be developed and deployed in the quality required by the customer. After all, innovations in IT are already enabling new business models, such as opening up new markets or innovative services for existing customers.

It’s not only important to know the target group, but also to be able to react to customer needs by making quick adjustments. Gone are the days when the IT department could do a major update once a year.

Applications are therefore increasingly being developed and tested in an agile manner, but it often takes days or weeks before they can be used productively, as not only the tools used but also the processes behind them delay the start of operations.

This is why DevOps looks at the entire software development lifecycle. Development (software development) and operations (IT operations) must work together to ensure the required software quality and availability of the application. Using DevOps, the capabilities of IT development and IT operations are combined into one organisational unit that designs, develops, tests, deploys, and operates software for its customers.

The DevOps-Cycle

The continuous DevOps cycle provides for the following phases that directly impact your application lifecycle.

In the planning phase (Plan) DevOps teams design, define, and describe the features and functions of applications and systems by, for example, creating backlogs, tracking defects, and managing agile software development with Scrum.

In the development phase (Develop) the defined requirements are implemented, so it’s primarily about programming, i.e. writing, testing, checking and integration of the code.

The third phase is about consistent and reliable delivery of applications, including the necessary infrastructure, in production environments. The team defines a release management process with clear approval phases and establishes automated gates that move applications between phases until they are made available to customers. This automation makes processes scalable, repeatable and controllable. 

In the operational phase (Operate), the team manages, monitors and troubleshoots applications in the production environment. It’s about guaranteeing the reliability and high availability of the developed systems and avoiding downtimes. 

Implementing DevOps in your company

Similar to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), it all starts with the organisational culture and the people involved in the processes. Introducing the DevOps culture requires changes to the existing way employees work and collaborate. The benefits that DevOps brings are, however, clear. It creates an environment for highly performant development teams to deliver innovation faster without sacrificing quality, stability and/or productivity. 

Our services

With newboxes, you too can set the course for shorter development cycles and rapid, high-quality deployment of your IT products with a DevOps culture and the appropriate tools and methods. This improved collaboration and productivity will help you better achieve your business goals, such as shorter time-to-market or maintaining the stability and reliability of your applications. 

newboxes supports you in this undertaking with the following services:

DevOps Assessment

We determine and evaluate the current state of your DevOps culture and show you potential and options for action in a quick assessment.

Target Operating Model

We work with you to design and pilot a lean DevOps operating model. 

DevOps Implementation

We not only present you with a proof of concept, but also support you in the sustainable rollout of DevOps in your company.


Using metrics, KPIs and custom dashboards, we monitor performance, identify opportunities for further improvement and take effective action.

Get in touch and start a new era with us.

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