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Agility is a mindset, a management skill, and a way of working and thinking that enables an organisation to be led more resiliently in increasingly complex and dynamic market environments. Increasingly, companies are recognising the potential that an agile organisation brings and are embarking on the journey of agile transformation.

But the journey is long, intense and characterised by iterations. Large, established companies in particular underestimate the hurdles. Common mistakes made in practice are:

  • lack of, or unrealistic expectations regarding the purpose and value of the transformation.
  • strategically, the agile pilot projects are given high priority, but not the overall agile transformation.
  • planning horizons are too short to build a coherent agile organisation beyond the initial pilot projects.
  • mindset of leadership culture is not adapted. For example, experimentation and iteration are still frowned upon.
  • insufficient investment in talent or even leaving employees behind along the way.
  • agility is introduced without adapting supporting (management) processes.

Our approach

Our holistic approach to successful agile transformation opens all your operating model's boxes – strategy, processes, organisation & structures as well as technologies & architectures. Always in focus: you and your employees.

Together we set the starting point for your journey. We determine your 'agile status quo' and define your target picture as well as a customised roadmap.

Only when managers understand agility in detail and bring this knowledge to their teams can the agile transformation lead to the desired results. We prepare your management for this change and accompany you on the entire journey.

Using agile pilot projects and incremental approaches, we quickly generate results and lessons learned – critical to the success of any transformation and to the evolution of the Agile Operating Model.

During the scaling and roll out to your agile organisation, our experts accompany you and your employees in an advisory capacity as agile coaches or operationally in the necessary roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.) – in full or in part.

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