Accelerated Ramp-up Management

Successfully bring products to series production.

Shorter product life cycles, increasing diversity in variants and models, and new technological developments. These not only increase the complexity of products and processes, they also increase the number and frequency of series ramp-ups.

And so ramp-up management is increasingly becoming the focus of production planners. They are required to balance quality, cost and product complexity and to ensure on-time ramp-up. However, there are hurdles in the way that can prevent an optimal start of production, such as:

Inadequate or missing ramp-up standards, processes and concepts

  • Who does what, when and with what? Cross-plant or cross-organisational processes before and during production planning do not always have the necessary degree of maturity to answer these questions unambiguously.

A changing organisation

  • Tasks and responsibilities are not always clear to employees from the start of the project. With areas and functions changing over the course of the project, changing contact persons and responsibilities, and the loss of planned capacities, the lack of transparency increases further.

Task forces instead of collaborative and transparent planning

  • Unpredictable changes are not untypical in complex ramp-up projects. Instead of focussing on cross-functional, transparent and agile planning and management, executives often initiate task forces to bring the situation back under control – costly and resource-intensive.

Information and KPIs not on-time or on-quality

  • The coordination between internal departments, with suppliers or plant manufacturers is often characterised by misunderstandings and inefficient reporting. One of the reasons for this is that the adequate information and key figures are usually not available in the necessary quality and at the right time.


  • For cost or strategic reasons, it may be decided before or during the project to relocate production to a foreign site. Defining and adhering to processes, responsibilities and communication channels, as well as implementing operational activities on site, demands a lot from your teams.

Our Approach

We are a partner for you that masters processes and interfaces in order to successfully implement a production ramp-up or the relocation of a production facility on time.

1. Strategic and operational planning

Based on framework conditions, such as production programs or delivery obligations, we define a resilient concept and strategic goals with you. In addition, we develop a custom-fit implementation plan with controllable work packages.

2. Organisation management

Taking account of internal and external interfaces, we develop an organisational and operational structure – complete, binding and practicable from day one.

3. Hybrid project management

While resources, costs, milestones and risks are controlled by means of classic project management, we implement the work packages with you in agile sprints. This way, as a manager, you never lose sight of the big picture and your teams can focus completely on completing their tasks. And, if a task force should ever be necessary, we integrate it directly into the agile structures.

4. Production planning

Production can't start on time without components. We develop a complete and robust production plan and provide control and reporting for component procurement and component manufacturing.

5. Interface management

We define and orchestrate all internal and external interfaces and processes to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Through our transparent control over the course of the project, you'll always be able to react appropriately to deviations from the plan and disruptions.

6. Ramp-up management

Together with you, we complete the transfer of the project organisation to the line – put the necessary processes and work methods into practice and implement the remaining tasks from the project management phase.

Achieve series success with us.

From the definition of cross-plant and cross-organisational concepts, processes and ramp-up methods, to the operational support of your individual series ramp-up and the management of task-force teams – newboxes is your partner for your successful ramp-up.

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