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Using Data and AI to know more!

The high point of Big Data has been passed. By consistently tracking and analysing user knowledge, it's penetrating and improving daily processes. The management and derivation of decisions is supported by knowledge generated at each step of a project, process or production.

Classic data systems such as MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Kafka, Hadoop and others are still relevant, but are being used in new ways to support the development of automated systems.

But industry needs to penetrate the fog of data, which is simply managed by machines rather than individuals. Machine learning helps users enrich data and processes to make better decisions.

To enable data warehousing and business intelligence, based on KPIs, we create the most effective data structure for a fast ETL or ELT-oriented transformation.

  • Data tracking with microservices, optimised for the corresponding data interfaces (e.g. websites, DMS, cloud-storage, RESTful services)
  • Scalable services, scheduled or event-driven implemented and natively compiled for performance
  • Data collection in Google DWH or AWS Redshift or with dedicated Hadoop/HBase installation.
  • Data aggregation and pre-processing, serverless and event-driven, in detached microservices or, for example, with Apache Spark.
  • Data analysis with Google Data Studio, Tableau or in Power BI
  • On request, with support for R and Shiny Dashboards

With the advent of artificial intelligence, which cuts through the very manual processes of data collection and learning, not only are manual decisions supported, but predictions and automated resolutions of knowledge are also made. AI assistants will collaborate with users in new and sophisticated human-machine interfaces to define the future workforce.

newboxes guides you through the entire process here, from data collection to creating the logical analysis of knowledge to feed it into automated AI systems that are created based on customer needs and goals.

We support the ubiquitous availability of AI assistants as 'digital allies' deployed on machines, phones, tablets, etc. for every employee.

The working world of the future will consist not only of communication between people, but also increasingly of exchanges between people and machines – a dynamic process that will replace the static knowledge management of the past.

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